Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lights, Camera, REALLY!!!!

This is what happens 90% of the time I take Ella's Photos.
This girl keeps me on my toes
It would be an awesome photo if I can only get Ella to look at the camera.
 I swear she refuses to look at me.

Ok !!
Onto what this post was suppose to be about LOL
I was just sitting here thinking that
I just cannot even believe it has been one year
since I have taken the photo of Ella Rose in her big red bow for Christmas.
 Lets do a little update.
You remember the blog post I did a year ago with the beautiful photo by
Lizvette Wreath
click on her name to go check out her facebook page

This photo inspired me to purchase my very first professional camera and lens. I saw this photo and how she set everything up and a light bulb went off. I can do this!!!
 But boy was I wrong. You cannot just purchase a camera and start shooting. There is so much into photography. So all year I have pinned,saved, you tubed, read, read, read everything I could find to help me improve my photos. The one important thing I have learned is PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE.
I am still learning and have a lot to improve on but this journey has been so much fun
and looking forward to the next year.
This was the photo I took a year ago.
Not very good, but Ella was too cute in her bow
My settings a year ago
1/80  F3.2  ISO 1600

The ISO was way too high and I had quite a bit of noise in the photo above. 

Here is Ella Rose one year later
in her same big bow
Photo on the left 1/100 ISO 320 F2.8
Photo on the Right 1/100 ISO 400 F2.8

Here is my quick little set up
The only thing I regret is not having a big enough white rug so I could set Ella further away from the lights in the background

Thursday, September 27, 2012

DIY: Newborn Photography Prop

A couple of weeks ago, I was digging through my garage and came across this wicker basket.
I could not for the life of me figure out why I had this basket dumped in a pile of junk.
I guess it has been a while since I have even been in there
and before it was just a plain old wicker basket.
So I brought this basket in, set it in my room and stared at it for days thinking what in the world I am going to do with it.
Light bulb moment!
I have been shopping like crazy for interesting newborn props.
All along I have had this plain old basket
and no vision.
You know when you have one of those nights when you wake up straight out of a dead sleep with the answer to your question.
Well I just did!
Paint rainbow stripes on it like a child would and use it for your newborns.
It was so simple to paint the stripes.
I didnt need tape, I just used the wicker to follow a straight line.
I already had small bottles of acrylic paint in all the colors of the rainbow so I just used what I had.
It took all of 30 mintutes
I was finished
It isnt perfect
and that was the point.
I wanted it to look like one of my kids painted it.
As soon as I get a little bundle of joy for this basket
I will be able to show you my complete vision.
But until then here is what I came up with

Friday, September 21, 2012

Before and After: Buffet table

Here was a recent find that I saved from being trash
I took this old something or another
and made it my own

What you will need
white paint {semi gloss}
silver spray paint



How to make a collage template in Photoshop

Here is a quick tutorial on how to make a collage template using layers.
First go to File----click on New
The screen below should pop up.
Enter the size of photo or template you want to make.
Here I put in a photo size 8 x 10

Now travel to the left side column and find the rectanglar tool

Make the rectangle the size of the whole photo

For the first small collage photo, make another square on top the the big photo where you want
See in layers column how it made another layer for the new square

Do the same for the next squares. Each square will eventually hold a photo in it.

Now you can see I have four layers, I big square and 3 little squares

Now click on the layer with the big square

Go to File-----click on Place

Choose a photo for the large square

Resize photo to your liking
Now go up to Layer
Click on Create Clipping Mask
Move photo into place

Go to Layer 2 with your first small square
Go to File----Click on Place

Add photo for first small square

Go to Layer
Click on Create Clipping Mask
Move photo into place

Repeat for Layer 3

Click on Layer 4
and Repeat exact process 

Now you are ready to Flatten and Save

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ultimate Newborn Session Giveaway!!!

Well the winter months are just around the corner
and we going to be stuck inside away from all the yucky weather.
What does this mean for me?
It means all those beautiful outdoor photo sessions will be dwindling down :( BOO
So I have thought about this for quite sometime and with all the down soon to come, I will be taking advantage of classes and tweaking my editing skills.
During the winter months you will be seeing a lot of past photo sessions revamped with new editing!!!!
Also I want to improve my newborn skills with posing, lighting and photoshop manipulation. The winter months are perfect for this because Newborn sessions are 90% indoors, very rarely do we ever go outside.
To improve my skills, I need to book more newborns!
So I have come up with the
Ultimate Newborn Session Giveaway!!!!!!
4 very lucky expectant mothers will recieve a
You can enter for yourself or you can enter to give as a gift for a expectant mother to be.
Share this and have all your friends help you win by having them enter the contest too.

Winner or Mother-to-be must live within 60 minutes from Shattuck, OK 73858
If Mother-to-be lives further than 60 minutes, travel expenses may apply
Winner will only recieve one free newborn session {approx. $250}
Prints do not apply
Mother must be due in months November, December, January, or Feburary

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

{Newborn} Baby R

I just love getting to cuddle these little guys.

It just makes your heart melt
your a day a little sweeter.

I am pretty sure Baby R has a better head of hair than I do

The {Smith} Siblings

I was so honored to get asked by a good friend of mine to take some photos of her two children. She has four beautiful children all together, one is away at college and the other not pictured will be a senior soon, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that I get to do his senior portraits.
I just love this family, they are so smart, kind and very stylish.
Thanks to thier beautiful mother.
Mr. J has always had a big place in my heart just because he has always been so kind to my son. Luke admires him so much and talks of him often.
Miss A reminds me of myself, so girly and fun loving.
I have watched these kiddos grow up so fast, it is amazing how time flies.

Monday, August 20, 2012

W + A {Maternity}

What a beautiful couple!

These two are expecting their first baby boy in september.
I was given the opportunity to capture these beautiful baby bump memories
 before Little Rowen arrives.
I will also have the opportunity to do photograph his newborn pictures.
So stay tuned for some serious cuteness