Thursday, January 24, 2013

Newborn: Baby K

What a dream it was to work with this handsome little boy.
He was easy, cuddly, and just too cute for words.
It was fall time when we shot this,
so I wanted to use those beautiful fall colors
 to bring out his beautiful skin tone and dark hair.
Thank you to his parents for giving me this opportunity.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Playing with Tones, Hues and Actions

I cannot be more lucky to have such a beautiful daughter
that loves her photo to be taken.

As I set up each session to edit, I sit here trying to figure out where my style is going.
I follow so many great photographers and love all thier styles and wonder how they do it so effortlessly.
I am in the process of playing and trying to figure who I want to be as a photographer.
Even though I love THEIR work,
I want to have my own style.
But trying to figure that out is the hard part.

So on this day I took Abby out to the front yard to shoot a little bit.
 It was chilly so we didnt stay out very long.
I do know that when I do shoot, I love to have the evening sun as a backlight.
I just think it brings such soft beautiful colors to my photos and right now I am obsessed with that.

You are more than welcome to leave your comments or critiques on what you are liking and not liking.
We didnt do much on posing beause of the chilly weather so we just stuck with face shots 
to practice with tones, hues, and actions.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Before & After: The Coffee Shop Blog Actions

If your a photographer or just love taking and editing photos
then you will more than likely know
The Coffee Shop Blog
all of her actions.
Did I mention her actions are FREE!

My Ultimate fave action so far by her is

but the new ones I recently downloaded are 

I love these because they are so easy to use
makes editing super quick
gives my photos a little dramatic boost.

In the photos below, 
I started with 
Powder Room 2 to airbrush the skin and brighten the eyes.
Next I added the Perfect Portrait, then for a little more drama it was time for Once Upon a Time action.
Finally for that new matte look in black and white I hit the Gray Velvet.
Easy Peasy!
I'm done!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Before & After: Hollingshead Family

Just a fun little Before and After
Brought to by the very adorable Hollingshead Family

ps If the grass on his shirt bugs you, so sorry, I was waaaay to lazy today to clone it out LOL



The Taylor Family

I am so glad I got to meet this family.
They were so fun, gorgeous, and so down to earth.
Thank you so much for letting me be your photographer.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Crave Photography's Giveaway!

I am sure you know all about Crave photography.
Her style is amazing
and when you take one of her mentoring classes
 you will be blown away.
Her class was so interesting and flowed together so easily even "I" could get the hang of her editing with a breeze.
She is offering a brand new 50mm 1.4 lens, one on one mentoring, and a marketing package
on her blog at

If you dont believe me when I say her classes will change you forever,
here is an example of a before and after photo

First Photo SOOC {straight out of the camera}

2nd photo The way I used to edit {so embarrasing} before Crave Photography's Mentoring class

3rd photo My NEW Edit after taking her class

A Beautiful Vineyard Wedding

Congratulations to the Gonces!
I felt so honored to have the pleasure to be a part of such a special event in your life.
The wedding took place at a beautiful vineyard in Canadian, Texas
The couple was glowing and beaming with excitement to start their new future together as husband wife.
All their family gathered and watched as these two said their vows.

God Bless you on this wonderful journey you are about to embark on.....

The Morning After Session

Baby "Z" Newborn Photos

Baby Zane was the perfect little newborn.
He slept peacefully through the whole session
with the exception of opening his eyes only a few time.
Such a handsome little man!

Baby "R" Newborn Photos

What a cute little bundle of joy!
I have had the pleasure of photographing Baby Rowen's parent super gorgeous parents when they were prego with him.
Thank you so much for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

Bentley is 6 months

How adorable is she?
I have had the privilege to shoot her newborn photos
and now that she is 6 months
I get to capture her cuteness all over again.